Environmental Program

Sustainable Little Boston

Sustainable Little Boston

Sustainable Little Boston (“SLB”) was formed to promote sustainability with a focus on youth and families. The group uses outreach events to promote awareness and increase knowledge of the small steps we can take to ensure that our children, and the next seven generation to come will be able to live off the land.

SLB and its efforts are led by Natural Resources staff in coordination with various departments and the community. The ultimate goal is to achieve sustainable natural resource management on the reservation.

Traditional Sustainable Practices Program

In 2017, SLB kicked off the Traditional Sustainable Practices Program, which aims to teach Tribal members of all ages household and/or culturally significant activities such as jam-making, filleting fish, cedar harvest, digging clams, crabbing, and more. The goal is to preserve Native culture, while encouraging good environmental stewardship.

One of the program’s first projects was building a smokehouse on the Reservation, which can be used for additional classes.


Projects and Events that Promote Sustainability

Sustainable Little Boston holds sustainable events and craft days with a focus on youth education related to reducing our impacts and “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” concepts.

Reduce our Impact – Events include our annual Bike To Work Day and Earth Day. These events put an emphasis on how one’s carbon footprint impacts our environment and the little things we can all do to make a big difference.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – The classes include upcycling craft events that promote the minimization of landfill waste by giving new uses to discarded items.



Coast Salish Sustainability Project

To continue the success of the Debris Removal Project, the program works with the community to reduce dumping and littering while promoting waste reduction and recycling. To help create excitement and awareness within the Tribal community, SLB put a call out to local artists to submit logos and imagery that illustrate sustainable activities. The project was meant as a way to help engage by recognizing cultural identity through art and encouraging the adaptation of sustainable lifestyle changes while preserving traditional values.

The chosen artwork has been used as an education tool through signs posted at Point Julia and throughout the Reservation reminded people about the importance of recycling and the other activities that make the Reservation a cleaner and healthier place.