Frequently Asked Questions

If I am cited for a fishing violation and have fishing gear that is locked in the evidence locker, when can I expect to receive my fishing gear?

Our department will ensure that you receive your fishing gear as soon as fines are paid to the accounting office. Simply show us the receipt that you have paid and we will get your gear back to you at our earliest convenience.

Can I pay the fine for a ticket that I have received before my court date so that I do not have to attend court?

In most cases you may take your ticket to the accounting office and pay your fines. Although by paying your fine, you are waiving your right to contest any facts that you may want to tell the judge. It is always best to consult with an NRE Officer before paying any fines you have received.

At the end of hunting season, do I have to turn in my Game Tags if I didn’t harvest any wild game?

The short answer is yes, it does not matter whether or not you harvested any wild game during the hunting season. All game tags must be returned to the Natural Resource Office by the specified date which can be found either on the back of your tags or in the packet that is given to you.

Can a non-tribal affiliate go hunting with a tribal member within the Usual and Accustomed area?

This question can be answered in two parts…

  • Yes, a non-tribal affiliate may go hunting with a tribal member but it must be within an area that is legal for both parties. The non-tribal member must be within his/her legal area and dates for the state season and the tribal member must be within their U&A. There are some areas in which both parties can hunt. Be sure to check your GMU to ensure that both parties are legal.
  • No, a non-tribal affiliate may not hunt or assist a tribal member in any way if it is out of their respective areas or dates for the state season. If a tribal member brings a non-tribal affiliate with them on a hunt, the non-tribal member may only be permitted to accompany and observe throughout the hunt. If at any time the non-tribal member assists in the hunt they may be subject to citations and or fines from the state.