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Watershed Conservation

The Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe works to restore and conserve land throughout the U&A, and particularly in the nəxʷq̕íyt (Noo-Kayet) Port Gamble Bay watershed.

Award-winning Port Gamble S’Klallam artist Jeffrey Veregge created the tribal-inspired logo used in the campaign and adopted by the Port Gamble Bay Forest Heritage Park.

Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park

PGST, along with Kitsap County, the Suquamish Tribe, Forterra, Great Peninsula Conservancy, and a coalition of 30 local and state agencies, businesses, and community groups joined forces on an unprecedented Kitsap Forest and Bay Project. This project became the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park.  The Park comprises 4,000 acres of former timber land and nəxʷq̕íyt shoreline set aside for recreation, environmental restoration, and opportunities for the Tribal community to practice Treaty-protected cultural traditions.

The Port Gamble S’Klallams are a proud partner in this Project, having donated thousands of hard dollars as well as countless man hours and other resources. PGST continues to work with Kitsap County and others on the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park.

“Saving this land means that my children’s children and generations beyond will be able to practice the ways of our culture, harvesting from the surrounding waters, and continuing to act as stewards to the same forest, land, and sea that connects them to their ancestors.”

— Chairman Jeromy Sullivan